A Field Application Measuring Healthcare Employees’ Perceptions Toward Corporate Entrepreneurship


DOI: 10.12738/SM.2016.1.0016

Year: 2016 Vol: 2 Number: 1


Today, organizations that not only develop new and creative ideas, but that also offer new services to customers are able to continuously renew themselves and become leaders in high-competition environments. Organizations that offer new products and services to their customers might be able to survive, grow, achieve their goals, meet customer demands, and thus they obtain a great advantage. Therefore, the success and survival of today’s healthcare organizations within a highly competitive environment may be achieved by adopting continuous innovation as a core competence. It is necessary for organizations to be leaders in innovation in order to increase the value of healthcare services. Innovations generated in healthcare services will create both value for patient and competitive advantage for organization. Consequently, the phenomenon of corporate entrepreneurship underlies offering new services in the healthcare sector and being a leader. This study aims to determine which factors influence the perceptions toward corporate entrepreneurship held by doctor groups and nurse groups working in a University Hospital Research and Application Center, which might be seen as a pioneering example of “corporate entrepreneurship” in Turkey. The questionnaire form used in the study, of whose reliability coefficient was found to be .884, shows consistency with prior studies conducted using the conceptual dimensions of the corporate entrepreneurship interaction model, and indicates statistically significant findings. Thus, in this study, the phenomenon of corporate entrepreneurship, which constitutes the conceptual framework of this study, will be explained in a theoretical dimension. Moreover, the methodology, findings, conclusion, and recommendations will be discussed.

Corporate entrepreneurship, Physicians, Nurses • Hospital • Integrated Practice Unit (IPU)