Effects of Diet Control and Physical Activity for 10 Weeks on Body Mass Index and Lipid Profile

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DOI: 10.12738/SM/2015.1.006

Year: 2015 Vol: 1 Number: 1


Background: The combined effects of diet and exercise lead to a change in body fat and lipid profile. Aim: To investigate the combined influence of dietary control and physical activity after 10 weeks of intervention on body mass index (BMI) and lipid profile. Methods: Twenty subjects (4 male, 16 female) were included in the study after ethical approval has been taken from university committee. Anthropometric measurements (height in cm and weight in kg) were taken. Close dietary instruction and supervision were maintained throughout the study. The basal BMI was calculated and the basal lipid profile was measured, which included high density lipoprotein (HDL), low density lipoprotein (LDL), triglycerides (TG), and total cholesterol (TC). After week 6 and 10, BMI was calculated again, while after week 10 lipid profile was measured again. The level of physical activity was assessed at week 9 using a physical activity questionnaire. The data collected were analyzed using SPSS software. Results: A significant decrease BMI was found between basal and week 6 values (26 ± 5 vs. 25 ± 6; p = .019), and basal value and week 10 value. Compared to the basal value, week 10 showed an increase in HDL, a significant decrease in TC (p = .017), and a non-significant decrease in LDL and TG. The sample population did spend more time participating in moderate activities (55 minutes, 5 days a week) compared with vigorous activities (40 minutes, 2 days a week). Conclusion: Dietary control programs prepared by dieticians combined with participation in structured physical activity programs constructed by physical trainers and observed by a sports medicine physician should be established.

Diet Control, Physical Activity, Body Mass Index, Lipid Profile, Diet and Exercise Management