Evaluation of a Group of Medical School Students’ Opinions on Quality of Education

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DOI: 10.12738/SM.2016.1.0021

Year: 2016 Vol: 2 Number: 1


Medical education has a special importance among sectors, and the fulfillment of certain quality standards related with reflecting basic universal perfections is the most important expectation. The aim of our study is to evaluate the expectations of the students in medical school for medical education and the realization status of their expectations within the academic process in terms of quality and standards. The universe of the study consists of 230 students. Two open ended questions were asked to students in order to understand what their expectations were after being successful in ÖSYS and whether their expectations were fulfilled or not. In summarization of data frequency, average ±standard deviation, and median was used. In comparison of data the Student-t test was used and p < .05 was assumed to be statistically significant. In our study 116 (41.4% female, 58.6% male) students were reached with an average age of 22.12±1.43 between 20-28). Their ÖSYS point averages are 501.85±11.85. Their birth places are 54.3% Mediterranean region, and 28.4% Southeastern Anatolian region. According to quality standards 70 students (60.3%) stated that they have expectations about the features of the profession. 50% of them stated that their expectations are fulfilled, 35 of them (30.2%) stated that their expectations are not fulfilled and 23 of them (19.8%) did not state a clear opinion. The ÖSYS point averages of students who stated that their expectations were fulfilled were found to be lower than the ones who stated that their expectations were not fulfilled (p = .000). In our study it was observed that students have an expectation about post-graduation, academic process and social environment in terms of quality standards in medical education. As a result it is considered that improving the knowledge levels of students about quality will develop their expectations positively and will contribute to medical education quality.

Education, Quality, Standard, Medical education • Medical student