Impact of Certified Training Programs on Health Professionals’ Levels of Organizational Commitment


DOI: 10.12738/SM.2016.1.0015

Year: 2016 Vol: 2 Number: 1


Rapid improvements in the health sector in recent years have made changes in health institutions an obligation. The only way an institution can continue to survice in such changing conditions is by investingment in health insitutions most important resource, the human element. The existence of employees who not only adopt the goals and values of the organization for which they work, but who are highly committed and willing to continue working in the organization enables an organization to survive and gain power in increasingly competitive conditions. This study is a quantitative research to analyze the impact of Certified Training Programs on Organizational Commitment by revealing the connection between Certified Training Programs and employees’ levels of Organizational Commitment. The universe of the study consists of employees from the Intensive Care Unit, Emergency Room, Dialysis Unit and Transfusion Center. Data were collected using the survey method and the Organizational Commitment Scale developed by Allen and Meyer.

Education, Certified Training Program, Organizational commitment