The Validity and Reliability Study of Turkish Version of Work-Related Flow Inventory (WOLF)

Author/s: Aysu Zekioğlu, Sabahattin Tekingündüz, Önder Sünbül

DOI: 10.12738/SM.2017.1.0025

Year: 2017 Vol: 3 Number: 1


This study aims at determining the reliability and validity of the work-related flow inventory (WOLF). WOLF was developed by Bakker in 2008 and contains 13 items with three dimensions (absorption [4 items], enjoyment [4 items], and intrinsic work motivation [5 items]). This inventory was originally conducted over seven employees who work at companies in the Netherlands. Yalçınkaya translated WOLF into Turkish and conducted the validity and reliability of the inventory, but according to her study’s results, she had reduced 13 items to 12 and three dimensions to two. In our study, Bakker first provided a letter of permission, after which the inventory was translated into Turkish by a specialist. The Turkish version of WOLF was conducted over 40 health employees working at a university hospital in Edirne. Three weeks later, measures were performed again; we examined the WOLF inventory as performed by Bakker in 2008, and completely validated 13 items and three dimensions. The Turkish version of WOLF can be used in research to determine the effects of work-related flow on the workforce in health services.

Hospital, Validity, Reliability, Work, Flow